Workers compensation fraud and concealed employment are two prevalent issues in the business world as each year many workers file claims to get benefits for which they aren't entitled. While this type of fraud is relatively controlled in smaller businesses, it poses serious challenges in bigger companies. Most of the employees who file suspicious work comp claims are semi-skilled. If you're a medium or large business owner, spotting dishonest claimants can be hard given the number of workers in your staff. Yet, there's one thing you can do to expose them.

Why is this problem more acute in bigger companies?

The issue of concealed employment is more acute in bigger companies because they employ a large number of workers. Dishonest claimants are thus easily able to report for work and get paid while they should technically be recovering from their injuries.

However, it's important to note that not all medium or large companies are affected. For example if your sector of activity doesn't require that you rely on smaller carriers, then you'll likely not be confronted with this type of problem.

How do you expose fraudulent claimants?

If you consult with a knowledgeable workers compensation attorney, they'll tell you to let those workers think that you're not going to do everything in your power to contest the claim.

Most business owners initiate their own investigation when they suspect that a recently submitted claim is baseless. While such a course of action is understandable, it also makes it harder for the employer to expose the real intentions of the other party. A smarter strategy would be to wait until the employee skids and take advantage of the offered opportunity to hit them hard.

As you might know, fraudulent people typically end up bragging about their schemes, which often leads them to get caught. At first they'll brag with a colleague who will then leak the story to another person working inside the company, and in a short time period the news will find you in your office.

From that moment, your workers compensation lawyer at places like Law Offices Jonathan Teperson will send the other party a subpoena for employee records. Upon reception of the legal document, the claimant's attorney will meet with their client and try to establish the veracity of its content. Knowing that they have been exposed, the claimant won't appear at the next hearing, which will ultimately result in the end of the case.

Although this strategy is viewed as unconventional, it remains an effective way to fight workers compensation fraud.