The process of applying and being approved for social security disability benefits should be simple, but that isn't always the case. In fact, 68 percent of social security disability applications were denied in 2014. Yes, the odds might be stacked against you, but there are several ways that you can put them back in your favor. When you apply for social security disability benefits, avoid making these three common mistakes.

Not Seeing a Doctor

In order for your social security disability application to be approved or denied, the examiner needs to review your medical records. If there aren't enough medical records available that prove to the examiner that you are, in fact, disabled, there's a chance that your claim could be denied. If you haven't been able to see the doctor continually since you've become disabled, don't worry. There are numerous reasons that the Social Security Administration deems not seeking medical attention acceptable:

  • You cannot afford to pay for the cost of your medical expenses, and you do not qualify for any type of medical benefits available to low-income families in your state.
  • The side effects for the medication or treatment needed are worse than the effects of your medical condition.
  • There isn't treatment available for your condition.
  • It's against your religious beliefs to seek medical treatment.

Not Following Your Doctor's Instructions

If you were treated by a doctor, the examiner from the Social Security Administration will review your records to make sure that you complied with your doctor's instructions. If you weren't able to follow the instructions given to you by your physician, you need to be able to provide the examiner with an explanation so that your claim isn't denied.

Collecting Unemployment Benefits

Even though there isn't a law against collecting unemployment benefits while you're applying for disability benefits, it doesn't mean that doing so won't affect your application. When you collect unemployment benefits, you are required to reapply for benefits a few times each month. Every time the you apply, you're stating that you are unemployed and currently seeking work. This statement directly contradicts the criteria for those who need Social Security Disability benefits. In order to be approved for disability benefits, you need to have a disability that renders you unable to work for an extended period of time, therefore, if that were the case, you probably wouldn't be actively looking for work. If you are receiving unemployment benefits and applying for Social Security Disability benefits, you should consider talking to a social security attorney before you submit your application.

Applying for disability benefits isn't difficult, but getting approved for disability benefits can be a complicated process. To increase your odds, talk to a social security disability attorney, such as Ball & Ferrari, before you begin the application process.