If you were in a car accident as the passenger and another driver hit you while under the influence of alcohol, get a lawyer right away. If you aren't sure if your injuries are severe enough to go after the driver and file a lawsuit, the lawyer can give you the answers you need. 

Not all injuries are worthy of a settlement, and your lawyer will want to see medical reports to verify your injuries. Here are the types of injuries that should be serious enough to get a settlement for. 

Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries 

Any injuries that affected your brain or spinal cord are injuries that you may not fully recover from. Often with these injuries, it can be difficult to tell how long it could take to recover and how much rehab may be needed. Paralysis can also be a result of these injuries. Your lawyer will use these concerns as leverage in the case. 

Back and Neck Injuries 

Back and neck injuries can cause lifelong pain and problems and can often keep you from working for months or longer. These injuries can be difficult to rehab, they affect all of your movements, and they can cause paralysis and limited mobility. Something like whiplash can leave you with migraines, severe body pain, blurred vision and more. The doctor can estimate how long the rehab is going to be, and this is how long you'll have to pay for rehab, pain medication, and more, and this will all be added into the case. 

Surgical Injuries 

Any injury that requires surgery will require you to miss work and and spend time in a cast, sling, or protective wear, or other treatment options. This will be costly; it will require you to miss work and it will prevent you from resuming your normal life, and you shouldn't have to pay for the surgery. Any type of surgery could be eligible for some type of compensation. 

The lawyer isn't just going to get you money for the time you spend in the hospital or those medical bills, but for all the appointments and rehab you have to finish healing or treating the injury, and for all the pain. They will get you money for the suffering you had to deal with financially and mentally because of the accident, and for the inconvenience this accident put on your life. 

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