Some divorce clichés get thrown around casually, but they have powerful consequences. Before you say or do anything, stop and think about how it might impact your divorce. Consider how these three clichés can complicate your divorce:

It's Not About the Money

Even if your divorce "is not about the money," money will form a big part of your divorce. You need money to pay your divorce lawyer, pay alimony, pay child support, pay expert witnesses, and even start a new life. Don't forget that asset division is also a central part of a typical divorce process.

Therefore, inasmuch as you are divorcing for the sake of the kids or to protect your future, don't forget to take care of the financial aspects of the process, too. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a financial quagmire at the end of the divorce.

They Must Suffer

"I want them to suffer" attitude is a double-edged sword; if you are divorcing, hurting your spouse is likely to hurt you, too. For example, if you want your spouse to suffer financially by dragging on the divorce, you may also be hurting yourself by reducing your potential divorce settlement. Also, trying to hurt your spouse by contesting every issue inevitably raises the cost of the divorce (think attorney fees and expert witness fees). It's not just the financial hurt you should be worried about; there is also the emotional angle to think about. After all, your partner may also resort to revenge.

Just Want to Get Done with It

If the above represents your opinion, then it's likely that you are tired of your marriage and would do anything to shorten the divorce process. Unfortunately, some of the shortcuts you are likely to take might end up costing you, too. For example, acquiescing to all demands from your partner may deny you custody of the kids, reduce your divorce settlement or make your kids suffer in terms of reduced child support. You may even decide to give up your marital assets because they are "just stuff." This kind of thinking might seem attractive during the divorce, but you are likely to regret it in the long run.

As you can see, preconceived notions can make your divorce process difficult for no reason. The best way to handle your divorce is to select a divorce attorney, and then follow their advice. There is no use in paying for legal counsel and not using it.