If you are in need of legal advice, and you do not have a lot of money to pay for this service, you are most likely wondering if there is a way to get to sit down with an attorney to find out your options before you pay them to represent you. There are several ways you can get low-rate or even free legal advice to help you determine the right course of action to take regarding your specific situation. Here are some tips you can use to find assistance without paying a lot to speak to an attorney.

Consider Finding A Pro-Bono Program To Save On Cost

Look up local, state, and federal bar association information online to get phone numbers of representatives who will be able to help you on a pro-bono basis. Many non-profit organizations offer pro-bono services, giving you the benefit in obtaining an attorney for very little or no cost to represent you. Not only will you receive an initial legal advice consultation, but you will be able to retain the attorney for the remainder of your case without needing to pay a lot out of pocket. Some representatives will require that you fill out paperwork showing the need for reduced or no-cost services. This will require you prove your financial situation is on the low end, often with the showing of pay stubs and banking information as proof.

Contact Local Schools Of Law To Find Out Their Policies

A law school may be able to help give you legal aid for free or at a reduced rate. If you find a law school that participates in this program, request a sit-down meeting with a student to discuss your legal needs. This meeting will be monitored by a professional attorney/professor to make sure the advice you are given is correct. Many law schools will list this service on their school websites.

Call Local Lawyers To Ask About Their Consultation Rates

Many lawyers offer free or low-cost consultations to prospective clients. This is a benefit not only to the person getting the advice, but also the attorney as they will be able to determine whether the prospective case is one that they have knowledge in as well as the time to undertake. Call several local attorneys to set up consultations to discuss your situation and what to expect should you decide to hire them for representation. This will allow you to have more than one professional opinion, helping you to pinpoint what direction you wish to take regarding the matter.

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