If you're looking for a new career path, working as a bail bond agent may have entered your mind. This line of work proves to always offer variety — one day, you may spend the bulk of your shift in the office doing paperwork, and the next day, you may find yourself out actively looking for someone who has jumped bond. If you don't have previous experience working in this field, you shouldn't shy away from applying. Instead, make sure that your resume highlights a series of attributes that you possess that can effectively translate into this new career. Here are some examples.

Contacts In Law Enforcement

Many skilled bail bond agents have contacts on law enforcement on whom they can rely for inside knowledge about people who have jumped bail. As an agent, you'll often be responsible for tracking down people at large, which means that having some friends in law enforcement is a real asset. Perhaps you've worked in law enforcement in the past or have previous work in the security services field and have former colleagues who went on to join a local police force. Make sure to highly the depth of these connections on your application to show your value to the bail bond agency.

Training In Self-Defense

Ideally, bail bond agents can hunt down their suspects and detain them without incident. However, there may occasionally be times at which a suspect doesn't want to be taken without a fight. It's ideal if you can show on your resume that you have some training in a physical discipline related to self-defense. For example, you might indicate that you have a certain belt color in a specific martial art, as well as the length of time that you've been practicing this discipline. The inclusion of this information shows your prospective employer that you could not only handle yourself physically and protect your colleagues, but also that you understand how to safely deal with an opponent without inflicting harm.

Experience In Investigations

Hunting down someone who has jumped bond can be a challenge, given that the person is trying to avoid detection. This means that successful bail bonds agents will need to conduct thorough investigations — and you'll help your chance of employment if you can highlight this experience on your resume. If you've worked as a security guard or private investigator, for example, you can detail the various investigation methods you've used over the years and show how they've helped you. This information will be desirable to your employer.

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