Are you an expectant mother? If so, you may be planning to have a vaginal delivery. This generally a normal option and procedure. However, there are numerous things that can go wrong with vaginal deliveries, and some women are not informed by their doctors about the potential risks. Emergencies can also arise during deliveries, which can make it more sensible for doctors to intervene and not continue with vaginal deliveries. Negligent actions by doctors can result in injuries to mothers or their babies. The following are some potential issues you may face if you have a vaginal delivery.


Vaginal tears can occur during childbirth. They are categorized into four different degrees with the fourth-degree tears being considered the worse. Another type of tearing is referred to as a fistula. This type of tearing is severe, and it can cause severe problems for mothers. Fistulas may negatively impact bodily organs and cause issues such as incontinence or pain. 


This can happen when tearing occurs. It can also be the result of doctors using instruments during vaginal deliveries. For example, if a mother is having a hard time delivering, their doctors might perform a procedure referred to as an episiotomy. The procedure involves making a small incision. Unfortunately, it can lead to vaginal scarring, which may interfere with sexual function. Sometimes forceps are used to get babies delivered. Forceps can cause scarring to babies' heads. 

Vaginal Prolapse

This condition can occur when the pressure during deliveries causes nearby internal structures such as the rectum and uterus to fall out of position. This can lead to the need for surgeries to reposition the structures. One procedure that is used to correct this type of issue is positioning a transvaginal mesh. Unfortunately, many women have experienced problems with these medical devices. Individuals with these devices may experience incontinence and sexual dysfunction. Some women may also experience pain during sex. 

Extended Deliveries

Sometimes deliveries last for many hours. This can put babies and mothers at risk for injuries. Babies may go into distress, and it is possible for them to experience injuries that interfere with them having normal lives. 

You may be able to receive compensation if you or your baby are injured during a vaginal delivery. Most families have to prove negligence, which is difficult to prove for the average layperson to do especially after being traumatized. A medical malpractice attorney, such as from Richards & Minore, P.C., can be used as a resource to help you understand actions you may be able to take.