If you are pursuing a slip and fall injury case, then one of the things that will determine your success is the nature of the evidence you have. Video evidence, for example, as captured by CCTV, is one of the best forms of evidence you can have; here are some of the things video evidence can help you with.

Proving the Exact Cause of Your Accident

You can use the video footage to prove that the management was liable for your slip and fall accident and should compensate your injuries. This may be possible, for example, if the footage shows:

  • Litter on the floor that caused you to trip and fall
  • Water on the floor that caused you to slip and fall
  • Holes on the floor that caused you to trip and fall

Absolving You from Blame

In addition or instead of using video footage to show what caused the slip and fall accident, you can also use it to absolve yourself from blame. This can be particularly helpful if the defendant is arguing that you contributed to the fall and your damages should be reduced. For example, you may use the footage to show that:

  • You were wearing safe and comfortable shoes that couldn't have caused your fall
  • You were not distracted by anything (such as a mobile phone) just before the accident
  • You were not carrying heavy loads that could have caused the fall

However, you are not the only one who can use video footage to their advantage during the trial; the defendant can do the same. In fact, the defendant doesn't have to use footage of the accident in their defense; they can get videos of you elsewhere and use it to disprove your claim.

Consider a case where you are claiming that you were too injured to walk (maybe you fractured your leg) and the defendant has a video of you jogging or running in the morning. Or maybe you are claiming that you are too injured to perform household or house maintenance duties, and the defendant has footage of you mowing the lawn. Such evidence can easily paint you as a dishonest "victim."

Therefore, while video evidence can go a long way in helping you prove your case, the same thing from the defense side can sink your case. This is why you need to be careful on what you post or do following a slip and fall accident; you don't want to give the defense ammunition to use against you. Talk with a personal injury attorney if you need help proving your case.