Working a job with computers and technology may seem like less of a physical risk than other job fields. Unfortunately, there is always the chance that you could be hurt at work, even with machinery that is not meant to move or be handled. Electronics can all heat up, and many can overheat. If electronics are not stored properly, or proper precautions are not taken, it is possible that you could get burned on the edge of a machine or the surface of one of the electronics. If this happens, here is some information you should bring to your burn attorney. 

Pictures of the machine storage

Storing machines in the correct fashion is of vital importance. Machines with working parts can raise in temperature, so keeping them cool will help the machine run properly. Keeping the machine stored correctly will also reduce the risk of an employee burning their skin on the surface of the hot machine. Take photographs of the machine that you were burned on along with the surrounding area. This will be able to help prove any negligence on the part of your company, and it can be a learning lesson for other companies about possible burns. 

Measure the temperature of the machine

Machines have temperatures that they can run at safely. All machines from cars to cellular phones can start to malfunction if they run over the set temperature. Take a temperature reading of the machine with a surface thermometer. This will give your burn attorney information on how high the temperatures are on the machines in your office. If the temperatures of much of the machinery are well over the normal running temperature, the office negligence will need to be addressed, or the company who produced the machines may need to make a recall if the machine is running too hot on a constant basis. 

Figure out the cooling details

Fans are a good way to help cool down computers and servers. Most machines have an internal fan that runs inside of them and businesses with lots of computers know to run fans underneath the machines and fans inside of the room to cool off electronics. The temperature setting of the building is also vital to know. If the temperature of the office building is set to high, it can cause the fans to be less effective, thus leaving the machines without a proper cooling mechanics. Figure out the general temperature of the building and the fan situation with the machines to have proper info to hand over to your lawyer. 

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