If you have been injured in an automotive accident, then you may want to speak with an attorney, especially if the incident was not your fault. Unfortunately, it does take some time to settle a claim, especially once a lawsuit is filed. This can leave you in a tough spot financially. However, this should not keep you from pursuing your legal rights. Keep reading to find out about a few things you should do as you wait for your legal matters to be settled.

Ask Your Insurance Company About Medical Coverage

Most people believe that their insurance premiums will go up if they use their benefits. However, this is not always true, especially if you were not to blame for the accident. If you were not to blame, then the other party's insurance company will be on the hook for the costs. This means that you can and should use the various benefits available to under your insurance policy. Speak with the company to see if they offer medical payment coverage. This coverage pays for all of the hospital visits, doctor visits, treatments, and copays associated with an accident. This includes any and all costs incurred by passengers who were in your vehicle. 

If your own health insurance pays for some of the costs, this does not mean that you should disregard the medical payment coverage offered by your auto insurance company. It can help to cover out of pocket expenses as well as any costs that exceed your health insurance maximums. In this way, you are using the auto insurance as a second health insurance coverage. Keep in mind that your auto insurance may cover expenses for things like dental care, where your regular insurance policy may not, so make sure to ask about this.

Inquire About Loss of Work Coverage

Like medical cost coverage, your insurance company may cover your lost wages. This is called a lost wage benefit and may be a part of your regular personal injury coverage in your insurance policy. The benefit is required in some states and is part of the personal injury protection policy. The lost wage benefit will allow you to receive a portion or percentage of your gross wage. You can often receive a weekly payment for this. However, you should keep in mind that there is a specific time limit or payment amount that may be reached based on your specific coverage.

If you do not have work loss coverage, then speak with your attorney about filing for disability. While the application process is long, you may be eligible for back benefits based on your injury date. If you want to know more about your financial options as you legally work to get a settlement, speak with your local auto accidents attorney