Were you forced to defend yourself after getting attacked by a teenager? Did the incident lead to the teen getting injured and you being taken to jail for assaulting a juvenile? If you have already been bailed out of jail but now have the to deal with the stress of going through a trial that might lead to more jail time, it is important to obtain solid legal representation. Being that your case involves a juvenile getting injured, it can be difficult to defend yourself without help from a criminal defense lawyer. By continuing to read this article, you will find out what to expect as a lawyer works to defend you against the other party.

How Did the Incident Get Started?

The first concern that a criminal defense lawyer will have is how the incident between you and the teenager got started. For instance, did the other party begin by calling you bad names or throwing objects such as rocks at you? Did you say something to the teen that he or she didn't like? The lawyer will basically want to determine if you have a strong case of self-defense, or if you are possibly liable for the assault taking place. Keep in mind that being dishonest about the incident can hurt your case. This is due to the lawyer not being properly prepared to fight against the prosecution attorney.

What is the Age & Size of the Teenager?

Do you know how old the teenager is that attacked you, or did you not find out until later? Did you think the teen was an adult at the time of the attack? Your lawyer will not only want answers to such questions when you consult with him or her, but will also ask numerous other questions. For instance, you might be asked about the size of the teenagers, such as if he or she is much larger than you are. The age and size of the teen will play a big role in the outcome of your defense case.

Do You Have a History of Fighting?

Was the fight with the teenager the first one that you have ever had in your life? If you are not known for getting into fights, it can act as evidence that you were simply defending yourself. Your criminal history and character will be used by the lawyer to fight your case in court. He or she will likely look into the criminal background of the other party as well.