Sexual assault allegations are incredibly serious, and nobody wants to be up against such accusations. Even if you have not been formally charged with a crime yet, you might have heard that somebody has accused you of assault. You might wonder if you need to hire a criminal defense attorney to help you handle these charges.

Hiring an attorney may seem expensive, but it is also a wise decision to make. The consequences associated with sexual assault charges are serious and could have lifelong implications. Taking action now could save your reputation and your livelihood.

What Does the Defense Attorney Do?

A criminal defense attorney dealing with your sexual assault case will take care of a variety of tasks on your behalf, including gathering evidence, seeking out witnesses, taking statements, and establishing a defense for a potential court case.

The criminal defense attorney is also well-acquainted with the law and can help to ensure that you are never trapped by unscrupulous prosecutors or individuals who might be trying to harm you and your reputation.

What Defense Is Available for Sexual Assault Charges?

The defense for your case is based on the evidence available to your attorney. For example, if you have a strong alibi with multiple witnesses or other evidence to show that you could not have committed the offense, your attorney can craft a defense based on that evidence.

Your defense could also be linked to ideas like misidentification. In a case like this, DNA evidence may exonerate you. It could be that a sexual assault did happen, but you were not involved in the process.

Finally, your defense attorney could help prove that although the individual may be somebody that you had a sexual relationship with, it was consensual. You might have evidence, including text messages or photos, that indicate that the relationship did not constitute assault. Evidence may even exist to show that the individual lied about the relationship on purpose.

What Should You Do Next?

Hiring a criminal defense attorney is your next step. Don't delay because you are devastated by the allegations. Instead, take action. Hire an attorney to ensure that you have the best possible chance of either being found not guilty or of having your charges dropped.

Even if you are innocent of the sexual assault charges, you could be found guilty by a jury or a judge in a criminal court case. It would be best to hire an attorney to manage your case.