Advertisements and easy-to-follow tutorials have made many people confident enough to do their own taxes, but if you think you have been doing yours wrong for years and you are now in financial debt, you may want to call an attorney. If you have received letters from the IRS indicating that you are going to be audited or that there have been some problems with your taxes, and you are already in debt and you think you may need to file for bankruptcy, you will want to meet with a tax attorney at your earliest convenience.

Print Your Past Tax Documents

You want to log into the software or online system that you used and print off all of the documents that are on file from doing your own taxes. You also want to gather all of the return copies that you sent to the IRS. The layer will need to see everything that they can so they can use it as evidence.

Bring Your IRS Letters

Any letters that you have gotten from the IRS need to be looked at by the lawyers. The lawyer may have to reach out to the IRS in order to get an extension for the actions that are currently against you. They want to make sure that they get the filings and everything correct to protect you legally.

Financial Overview

After you have figured out what is going on with your taxes, the lawyer will go through your finances to determine if you need to file for bankruptcy as well. The lawyer will be able to figure out if you would possibly qualify, if Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 would be best, and how long it will take to get the application in. If you know the back taxes or tax burdens will be an amount you can't possibly pay, bankruptcy may be best.

If you know that you are in tax trouble and that you have messed up on your taxes, the IRS is going to want the money that they didn't get. If you are already considering filing for bankruptcy because you are in debt too far to get out on your own and the back taxes are only going to cause more problems, you need to get legal help. The sooner you get a lawyer working on your case to provide you the protection you need, the better things will be in the long term.