For many new parents, the thought of a birth injury never comes to mind. There is so much to consider that many people don't realize that something like a nuchal cord birth injury can happen.

What Is a Nuchal Cord Birth Injury?

The term "nuchal cord" describes an umbilical cord that has wrapped around the neck of your baby. These injuries are not as uncommon as you might think, and they can occur in many pregnancies long before delivery.

Why Can You Sue a Doctor After a Nuchal Cord Birth Injury?

Many different scenarios can cause this kind of birth injury. Typically, nobody is at fault for the cord wrapping around the child's neck. Your child might be moving a lot, have too much amniotic fluid, or have a very long or weakened umbilical cord. Sometimes the cause is not discernible.

The neglect and medical malpractice components come in when doctors fail to spot the problem. Though the mother doesn't present symptoms of a nuchal cord birth injury, doctors can spot the problem before the birth on ultrasounds. They may then examine the cord's positioning and take fetal vital signs to determine if any treatment is needed. If they fail to do this, they may create an unsafe situation for the baby.

If a doctor does decide that it is important to intervene, he or she may perform a C-section. If the problems persist through pregnancy, vaginal delivery can be very risky.

What Can This Birth Injury Lead To?

Unfortunately, birth injuries can lead to a variety of concerns, including brain damage and heart problems. Nuchal cord birth injuries are a major problem for a fetus that is developing. The cord provides nutrients and oxygen to the baby, and being wrapped around the neck may prevent the cord from delivering these essentials to a growing fetus. This can lead to brain damage, causing seizures and meconium aspiration. In some cases, it can even lead to death.

Doctors see nuchal cord issues regularly, and it is important that they are not negligent in acting.

What Should You Do After a Nuchal Cord Birth Injury?

Any expectant parent may worry about potential birth injuries, but what should you do if it happens to you? If you suspect that a doctor was negligent or inappropriate in treating or not treating your child's injury, you should speak with a birth injury attorney like Leisawitz Heller who can analyze your case.