If you are facing a unique challenge in your family life, hiring a family lawyer may be the best possibility to help you get a solution. Here are three unique challenges that family lawyers can be equipped to deal with.

What to do when a spouse has been incarcerated

If your partner has been criminally charged and convicted, this can put a huge strain on your marriage and family. It can be hard to focus on the next steps that you, as a spouse, need to take, especially if you find yourself focusing on the emotional part of the betrayal. A family lawyer can help you determine the next actions you need to complete, and advise you on your choices. There may be matters of children or money that need to be discussed and settled between you, your incarcerated spouse and your family lawyer.

Some of the legal issues to settle include deciding whether to distance yourself from the crime, whether to file for a divorce, whether you need to obtain child custody, and visitation rights for your children if you and your spouse have a family, among other related issues. Naturally, the process can favor the free partner, but you likely will want the guidance of a lawyer for the quickest resolution.

How to Handle Divorce in the Golden Years

A lot of cases of divorce involve younger couples who are seeking a separation from their partner. However, some couples struggle until their later years before realizing that they are in a complicated marriage that they no longer wish to continue. 

Separation is more difficult when you have spent nearly your entire life with a person and made all manner of investments with them. You will want to consider the need for a lawyer to help you navigate the challenges if you are wanting a divorce in your later years.

Child Support and Custody Issues for Special Needs Children

Special needs children demand more time, money, and attention than the others. If you separate from your spouse, living with a child who has special needs might get complicated. The custody and visitation arrangements that might work well in other circumstances may not work with special needs children.

A family lawyer will ensure this is taken into consideration when the court is making their ruling. Hiring a family lawyer can help minimize the stress of separation and get the best out of the divorce settlement, for you and your child.

For more information about how a family lawyer can help you in your unique situation, contact a local practice.