Are you worried about your children's welfare in the hands of your ex-spouse? Of course, when it comes to child custody, safety is always the number one priority. So, if your kids are scared to spend time with their other parents, you should investigate the issue and get to the root of the matter. This will ensure you won't leave your young ones' well-being to chance.

Instead of using illegal means to get the information you need, you should hire a child custody attorney to help you address your concerns. With their knowledge and experience in family law, your attorney will advocate for your kids' safety in ways you might haven't been able to. Read along to learn why you should hire a child custody lawyer if you believe the kids aren't safe with your co-parent.

Help You Establish a Valid Claim

Before successfully changing custody arrangements, you need to have sufficient evidence to support your claim. That's where hiring a child custody attorney comes in; the professional will help you collect tangible evidence that proves your co-parent's actions put the kids in harm's way.

For instance, your attorney can help you get a court order to test your co-parent's blood to determine if they're under the influence when they're with the kids. The attorney will also give you access to many other resources, like their analytical skills and legal knowledge, that will come in handy when deciding the next steps.

Offer Unbiased Legal Advice

It is normal for emotions to run high during a child custody dispute; that's why you should have an attorney who will remain objective throughout the process and keep your best interests in mind.

Furthermore, your lawyer will reason with your co-parent if things become heated and advise you on what legal steps to take when needed. For instance, if there is a history of neglect or abuse, your lawyer can help you file an emergency custody order to ensure the children stay safe and out of harm's way.

Represent You During Court Hearings

There are instances when you and your co-parent will need to go before a judge or mediator in court hearings. This could either be as part of the initial child custody battle or modify existing orders due to changes in circumstances.

For example, if your co-parent travels for work and leaves the kids in the care of someone you don't trust, you have the right to address this concern in a court of law. Your attorney will articulate your issue before the judge and ensure the final verdict prioritizes the kids' welfare.

The decision to hire a child custody lawyer is the best you can ever make if you suspect your co-parent isn't prioritizing the kids' welfare. The skilled lawyer will work tirelessly to protect your rights and advocate for the kids' safety. 

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